If you’re looking for straightforward and easy to understand financial guidance, you’ve picked up the right book. Over the past two decades, as the world of personal financial planning has become more complicated than ever, Mac Gardner has consistently managed to synthesize the most complex financial strategies into a coherent, easily understood message to his clients. This ability to relate to them and set realistic expectations for them is what has moved many of his clients to consider Mac an integral financial resource in their lives.

Mac believes that life is a collection of experiences and stories shared by those we encounter on our lifelong journey. He has spent his career collecting and sharing stories about finance and personal financial planning—stories covering retail banking, trust administration, commercial lending, investment management, private banking, and comprehensive wealth management.

Mac has hosted financial planning seminars across the country, representing some of the nation’s largest financial services firms. Over his career he has interacted with thousands of financial advisors and clients about the importance of financial planning and practicing healthy financial habits. His journey across the various lines of finance has given him the unique ability to help his clients face the continuously complex challenges of personal financial planning.

This book serves as a compilation of some of Mac’s most influential interactions and thought-provoking experiences. His professional journey over the last two decades has been emotional, rewarding, and fulfilling. The journey continues…

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A. Vasquez:

“I think this is a great book that breaks down what are usually boring topics into an engaging read. It’s easy to tell that Mac knows and understands these issues. Someone got this for me as a gift and I have marked many pages and covered it in highlights. The kind of information that Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey can’t convey. Look forward to future publications by this author.”


M. McInerny:

“The author takes ‘the elephant in the room’ and makes it an open discussion. A lot of people are afraid to tackle their financial lives until it is too late. The author engages the reader to want to ‘motivate’ their money and get to the next chapter. His straight forward, easy to understand strategies and explanations make this a MUST READ for every age. One is never to young to understand his or her money.”


D. Graham:

“I love how the author brings the complex and controversial world of money matters into a real life perspective that regular people can understand!”


S. Arnoux:

“This is something that most don’t discuss either in school or at home…read it and become educated in your finances and the finances of your children!”


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